Thursday, June 11, 2009

Land for rent, Cova Lima, Suco Debos

A. Owner and address:
1. Ludivina M. Y. Soares.
2. +670 7242484, +670 7245771, +670 7387064.
3. New Restaurant, Suco Debos, Sub district Suai, Covalima.

B. Site or location of land:
1. Location: close with ex BPD Suai, in front of ex Kantor Koramil/Care
International and behind of Losmen Maun Alin.
2. Suco Debos, sub district Suai.

C. Size and description of land:
1. There are 2 ha (hectare) of land for rent.
2. She has docoument or certification of land.

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