Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Room for Rent, Bairro Pite, Dili

Dear all,

I am a female Canadian UNV and I have a furnished room (with AC) to rent in the house I rent in Bank Indonesia (BI) compound in Kakaulidung, Bairro Pite. The rent is around 300-350$ per month per room (depending on the electricity bill). I would prefer a female flatmate because there is only one bathroom in the house :)

You can contact me at +670 763 9430 or



Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Aluga Word Cloud

Mermaid Metinaro Property Development

The owner of Mermaid Metinaro is seeking a developer to engage on a 10-25 year basis (details negotiable) the land so as to develop the property to the benefit of the developer, the nearby community, and the owner.  Ideas for development include but are not limited to private housing, traditional industry (ie. fish processing, seaweed cultivation/processing), commercial eco-tourism (sport fishing, beach huts, etc).  The owner is open to all ideas, as long as they are sustainable, environmental friendly, community "friendly", and within the applicable laws of Timor-Leste.  For complete details see the Mermaid Metinaro website.