Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fwd: House for Lease in Bidau Santana

House for Lease in Bidau Santana

Landlord: Carla Lee

Contact person: Atoku Lee

Mobile 1: +670 749 3038

Mobile 2: +670 733 9306                 

Address: Bidau Santana

Language to contact: English, Tetum, Bahasa and Mandarin)


-    A house with 2 bedrooms

-    2 bathrooms (1 inside the bedroom and 1 for common use)

-    Dinning room

-    Small kitchen

-    Porch

-    Windows with Security grill

-    Back yard garden

-    An apartment under construction as a separate adjunct to the main house. If needed the landlord can demolish the wall to make a connecting door to the main house. The apartment has a living room, bedroom and bathroom.

-    The property has addition 600m2 land in the front yard.

Note: The house is not fully furnished however the landlord may assist with provision of furniture (including AC, bed, freezer etc) if required by the new tenant and at agreed price.

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