Monday, June 22, 2009

3 Bedroom Dili, Bairro Central. LEASED

Landlord: Robin Araujo

Mobile: +670 743 7056


Address: Rua Cardoso Dias, Casa No. 08, Bairro Central, Dili, Timor Leste

House condition and facilities:

- 3 bedrooms (+fan)
- Living room (+fan)

- Dinning room (+fan)
- Kitchen (saminea)

- Veranda

- Washing machine

- Car port
- Surrounded walls and gate
- Highly secure zone (Centre of the capital)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Aluga Uma Timor thanks ETLJB

Dear Sirs/Madams,

I am the manager for the East Timor Law and Justice Bulletin and I am very interested to learn of the Aluga Uma Timor web site.

I have posted a post on ETLJB
here if you would like to take a look and let me know if you have any objections to my posting this post.

I would like to recommend to you a web site promotion tool that you may find of use. It is called Wowzio and it enables you to produce a widget which displays images and a link to the post where the image appears. This would be a perfect tool for Aluga Uma Timor as other sites could copy the code for the widget and place the same widget on their site or blog.

If you had such a widget, I would be very glad to put it on the East Timor Law and Justice Bulletin in the same way that you may see if you visit ETLJB and take a look in the ride side bar. You will see links to the wowzio site on my the ETLJB widets and you can even get my legal news widget and put it on Aluga Uma Timor.

ETLJB gets about 100 visits each day and so Aluga Uma Timor would be seen by at least that number of people every day and that would, I think, assist in AUT site's mission by getting a wider audience to see the property ads for houses in East Timor.

Vistors to Aluga Uma Timor might also like to know about some of the laws in East Timor that regulate property. These are available in English on East Timor Law Journal at the following address:

Best regards,

Warren L. Wright BA LLB
East Timor Law and Justice Bulletin
East Timor Law Journal

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

1552m2 Land for rent, Delta Comoro Has-Laran, Dili


Dear Sir/Madame:

Greetings of Peace!

I have a piece of land of 1,552 Square Meter in Delta Comoro Has-Laran, DIli. The land has a complete ownership document and has been registered in Land and Property Department and Public Defensor Office of Timor-Leste. The location is very strategic. It is located by main road leading to Canossa Academy in Delta Has-Laran Comoro. The Canossa Academy accommodates about 2,000 students plus teachers on daily basis. Dili Institute of Technology or DIT is also soon to establish its new building in the nearby area. The school of Externato which currently has about 1,500 students on daily basis is also located in the nearby area (walking distance) as well as the residents of Delta. In total there will be more or less 3500 people who are doing their activities in the surrounding areas on daily basis. This means that the demand for apartment, shops, bookstore, health clinics or fast-food or some other kind of services will be very high over the next few years. This piece of land will be very ideal to respond to such demand.

The surface of land or its landscape is sloping and contour VERY IDEAL FOR A BUILDING WITH BASEMENTS therefore there is no need for backfilling. For more information and/or site visit, please contact:

Mr. Alexandre Sarmento Address: Farol, Dili.

Phn: +670 7321408

Skype: alexandre.sarmento123

You can also call Mr. Bendito at +670 7327031 for site visit.

Contract can be drawn on win-win situation for 5 to 7 years or more subject to negotiation.

Thank You.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

3 Bedroom Dili, Bebonuk. LEASED

Modern spatious two storey, 3 bedroom residence located on the seaside in a very quiet suburb of Dili with over 180 degree view of the sea from Alor island, to Atauro, Wetar and Cristo Rei. Positioned on the beach road and easily accessible. Well maintaind garden, security fencing all around, fully air conditioned, modern kitchen and bathroom, water tanks and a carport.

Previously occupied by a respected staff from the US government and Norwegian diplomatic staffs.

Please call Joaquim Santos on (+670) 723 7157 to inspect this property. HURRY! and

Monday, June 15, 2009

9 bedroom, Manufahi (Same)

Name of the hotel : Hotel Pusada Kablaki
Name of the owner : Sr. Nazario Andrade
Contact number : +670 - 7299498, +670 - 7464331 or +670 -7412418
Address : Suku Letefoho, sub district Same, district Manufahi
Facilities : provide 9 bedrooms, inside bathroom every room, provide springbed, one training room, one guestroom, prepare breakfast if order.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

4 Bedroom, Suai

Name of the owner : Bonifacio de oliveira
Phone number : +670 - 7370417
Address : Suco Camenasa, Sub District Covalima, District Suai
Facilities : 4 bedroom, 1 share toilet and bathroom, one guest room and I dinning room.

Land for rent, Cova Lima, Suco Debos

A. Owner and address:
1. Ludivina M. Y. Soares.
2. +670 7242484, +670 7245771, +670 7387064.
3. New Restaurant, Suco Debos, Sub district Suai, Covalima.

B. Site or location of land:
1. Location: close with ex BPD Suai, in front of ex Kantor Koramil/Care
International and behind of Losmen Maun Alin.
2. Suco Debos, sub district Suai.

C. Size and description of land:
1. There are 2 ha (hectare) of land for rent.
2. She has docoument or certification of land.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

5 Bedroom, Suai, Covalima

Name of the owner : Mr. Alberto de Jesus
Contact Number : +670 - 7381463, +670 - 7332610
Address : Suco Camanassa, Aldeia Maniquin, Sub
Distrito Suai, Distrito Suai, Covalima
Facilities : 5 Bed rooms, 2 toilet with Bathroom, 1 sitting room, inside kitchen,1 refrigator, 1 set of Sofa, 1 set of dinner table etc

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Land for rent, Maliana, Bobonaro

A. Owner and address:
1. Lucio Americo
2. +670 7503242
3. Address: Suco Raifu, sub district Maliana.

B. Site or location of land:
Suco Raifu, sub district Maliana, district Bobonaro.

C. Size and description of land:
1. There are 4 ha (hectare) and still used for paddy field.
2. This land very close with the main road and irrigation.
3. He has docoument or certification of land.

6 Bedroom, Cova Lima

Name of the owner : Filomena da Silva Amaral
Phone Number : +670 - 7294023
Address ; Bairro Alok - Laran, Suco Camanasa, Sub
district Suai, District Suai - Covalima
Facilities : 6 bed room with springbed each room, 4 bed room inside main house with 2 share toilet & bathroom and 2 bedroom out side with one share toilet & bathroom.
1 guest room, 1 dining room complete withone set of table for dinner, and one family room complete with TV & Venus satelite, 1 inside kitchen complete with refrigator & cooking gas.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fwd: House for Lease in Bidau Santana

House for Lease in Bidau Santana

Landlord: Carla Lee

Contact person: Atoku Lee

Mobile 1: +670 749 3038

Mobile 2: +670 733 9306                 

Address: Bidau Santana

Language to contact: English, Tetum, Bahasa and Mandarin)


-    A house with 2 bedrooms

-    2 bathrooms (1 inside the bedroom and 1 for common use)

-    Dinning room

-    Small kitchen

-    Porch

-    Windows with Security grill

-    Back yard garden

-    An apartment under construction as a separate adjunct to the main house. If needed the landlord can demolish the wall to make a connecting door to the main house. The apartment has a living room, bedroom and bathroom.

-    The property has addition 600m2 land in the front yard.

Note: The house is not fully furnished however the landlord may assist with provision of furniture (including AC, bed, freezer etc) if required by the new tenant and at agreed price.

Friday, June 5, 2009

3 Bedroom Dili, (Bidau Lecidere)

Jose Along's house is located at least 200 meters from the ANZ Bank. The house has 3 bedrooms, 1 living room and 1 family room built in a 2100m2 land. There is also a kitchen area including several kitchen layouts. There is space for a car parking area if the existing semi permanent houses at the back of the house and the carpentry workshops are demolished. Water supply comprises town water supply to an underground tank supplemented by well water. The property is connected to 3 phase town power, has a back-up generator (silenced Denyo 18.8 KVA). Fluorescent lights are fitted throughout the house. Mr. Jose is keen on a long-term contract arrangement.

Contacts Mobile 1: (670) 724 0388 Mobile 1: (670) 724 5252

Address: Bidau-Licidere, Dili, Timor-Leste Language to Contact in: Tetum, Portuguese, Indonesia.

Pic 1 Main gate to the house

Pic 2 Front yard

Pic 3 Living room

Pic 4 Family room

Pic 5 Kitchen

Pic 6 18.8KVA Daiho Diesel Generator

Pic 7 Underground water concrete tank