Tuesday, August 4, 2009

6 Bedroom House, Ermera District,LEASED

Landlord: Eduardo Soares
Phone Number: +670 736 3684 or +670 750 6233
Address: Area of Fatuquero Village, Aldea of Palimano, Sub District of Railaco, District Ermera.

1. 6 bedroom house
2. Common (Share) bathrooms and toilet
3. Living room (with Sofa)
4. Family room (with Sofa, TV, Venus Parabola Satellite dish, dinner table and chairs)
5. Kitchen (gas stove & refrigerator)
6. Etc.

Note: The house is currently rented out to a Nepalese (UNPOL staff) for certain term but will be available for rent in the near future. Please contact land lord for more information.

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